Pledge your support

to stop the cruelty and abuse suffered by wild animals used for entertainment.

You can protect these animals by reducing the demand for animals in entertainment in the countries where you holiday.

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Across the world, wild animals are captured, taken from their natural habitats or bred in captivity, and suffer a lifetime of cruelty and abuse. Some are beaten into submission, deprived of food and water or trapped in concrete cages.

Why? People love to see animals when they are on holiday.

And because demand for the animal entertainment industry is so high, these animals continue to be used and abused for profit in ever increasing numbers.

Wild animals belong in the wild, not in entertainment.

Whether it’s posing for a photograph with an animal, visiting live animal shows or riding wild animals, increasing demand from people on holiday means these animals will continue to suffer for our entertainment.

But we can work together to educate ourselves and others to make animal friendly choices when we are on holiday to reduce demand for animal entertainment – pledge your support today.